The simple whistleblower system for your company

Established compliance culture with secure end-to-end encryption:

  • Complete anonymity for your employees
  • No risk of damaging reputation
  • Get valuable information in time
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Trustworthy Whistleblower System
  • Plug & Play

    Vispato can be installed in less than 20 minutes. Get started today!

  • End-to-End Encryption

    No one has access to the information except you. Not even us.

  • Secure Hosting

    All data is hosted on DATEV eG servers in Nuremberg.

  • Highest Data Privacy

    We make sure to conform to all European data privacy regulations.

  • Available in multiple languages

    English, French, German?
    Vispato speaks your language!

  • Case Management

    Easily manage submissions and authorized users.

Why our clients love Vispato

Established compliance culture with secure end-to-end encryption:

Money Laundering

100% adherence to the German Money Laundering Act

With Vispato, your company will fulfill the requirements of the German Money Laundering Act according to ยง 6 Abs. 5 GWG.

HR Cases

HR Cases

Interpersonal problems and technical issues often go unreported to HR because of the fear of potential consequences.

With Vispato, your employees can report to HR anonymously and securely.

Real Feedback

Real & Honest Feedback

True anonymity means unbiased feedback. Receive information from employees at all levels and from all departments in your company.

  • WIth Vispato, your employees can express criticism and praise.
  • Without the social stigma.

How Vispato Works

Invite Authorized Users

Step 1

Invite Authorized Users

After signing up, you can invite authorized users from your company via email.

The users create a password and can now receive submissions from employees.

Share Link Internally

Step 2

Share Your Link

Vispato will provide you with a unique internet address for your company.

Share this internet address through a bulk email, on your company's Wiki page, or on a bulletin board in your office.

Receive Submissions and React

Step 3

Receive Submissions and React

Your employees can use the internet address to anonymously submit information to your chosen authorized users.

Employees receive a separate unique URL to use for anonymously answering any follow-up questions.

Fully Secure

The sensitive nature of your data and whistleblower submissions requires powerful data security and a strong privacy policy. With Vispato, you can be sure your data stays safe.

More about Security
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • DATEV Hosting (ISO 27001)
  • GDPR / ePVO Compliant
  • Security Audit (Penetration Testing)

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